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At Master Framing and Conservation Studio, it is our goal to restore each piece of art that we handle to its original beauty, maintaining the value and integrity of the piece, whether it is a valuable museum painting by a listed artist or a painting found in the attic.  Our clients come to us with a wide range of needs, and we work with them to provide the level of quality restoration they are seeking.


Services we offer include:

Restoration and cleaning of oil and acrylic paintings

Restoration and cleaning of period and modern frames

Repair of wooden art objects

Gilding services

oil painting restoration, art restoration

Including cleaning of oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and board, relining, repair of tears, scratches, and punctures, stabilization of flaking paint, inpainting of lost areas, and varnishing

frame repair, art restoration

Including molding and casting of lost areas, sculpting lost ornament by hand, cleaning, applying finishes, and gilding

art object restoration

Including molding, casting, and sculpting of lost or broken ornaments, cleaning, stabilizing, and matching finishes

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