Examples of the painting restoration process

Shepherd with Sheep 1
Oil on canvas badly damaged in shipping
Shepherd with Sheep 2
Pieces of badly torn and brittle oil on canvas as it came to us
Shepherd with Sheep 3
Assembling pieces of the oil to prepare for relining
Shepherd with Sheep 4
Fully restored to its original beauty
Pirates by Peter Hurd 1
Badly damaged oil on canvas before restoration
Pirates by Peter Hurd 2
canvas after relining, cleaning, and filling of lost areas
Pirates by Peter Hurd 3
Detail of cleaned and filled area before inpainting begins
Pirates by Peter Hurd 4
Oil on canvas after restoration
Portrait of Woman 1
Badly damaged and dirty oil on canvas
Portrait of Woman 2
Detail of beginning cleaning process
Portrait of Woman 3
Oil on canvas after cleaning and filling of lost areas
Portrait of Woman 4
Fully cleaned and restored oil on canvas
Portrait of Gentleman 1
Oil on canvas damaged in shipping, detail of filled area before inpainting
Portrait of Gentleman 2
Detail of restored area after inpainting
Portrait of Young Man 1
Oil on canvas before cleaning and restoration
Portrait of Young Man 2
Oil on canvas after cleaning and restoration
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