Examples of objects restoration process

Carved Armoir Doors 1
Detail of missing flowers
Armoir Door Flowers 2
Missing flowers that have been cast and carved
Armoir Doors Flowers 3
Formed flowers after receiving finish
Restored Armoir Doors 4
Black Forest Clock 1
Bleached black forest clock with missing antlers
Black Forest Clock 2
Hand sculpted antlers before application to clock
Black Forest Clock 3
Detail of restored antlers
Black Forest Clock 4
Restored bleached black forest clock
Sculpted Bird Replacement
Bird replacement that was sculpted by hand to match its mirror image counterpart
Bird Replacement Finished
Bird replacement has been created and painted to match its counterpart
Mirror Panel #1
Created bird has been attached to wooden mirror panel and is ready for mirror replacement
Mirror Panel #2
Bird has been attached to wooden mirror panel and other restoration completed
Piano Harp 1
Hand painted finish worn away and rusted
Piano Harp 2
Rust removed and hand painted details restored
Black Forest Pheasants 1
Comparison of original pheasant and cast and carved pheasant that we created
Black Forest Pheasants 2
After restoration with missing pheasant replaced by the one we created.
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