Examples of frame restoration process

Gilded Italian Frame 1
Frame after missing ornaments have been sculpted by hand
Gilded Italian Frame 2
Detail of restoration in process
Gilded Italian Frame 3
Ornaments after they have been prepped for gilding
Gilded Italian Frame 4
Fully restored frame after restoration and gilding in incandescent lighting
Gilded Corner Frame 1
Overview of sculpting and repair in process
Gilded Corner Frame 2
Detail of lost areas before repair and corner during casting process
Gilded Corner Frame 3
Detail of cast and sculpted corner ornament
Gilded Corner Frame 4
Detail of restored corner
Gold Leafing 1
Frame is getting an update with our gold leafed finish to make it truly beautiful
Gold Leafing 2
Frame has been sized and gold leaf is being applied
Gold Leafing 3
Further along in the gold leaf application
Gold Leafing 4
Frame after it has been completely gold leafed
Hudson River Frame 1
Detail of frame leg ornament repair
Hudson River Frame 2
Detail of cast leaf and berry ornamnent
Hudson River Frame 3
Detail of cast corner ornaments
Hudson River Frame 4
Corner detail of cleaned and restored frame
Broken Icon Box 1
Icon case that fell off client's wall
Burnished Icon Frame 2
Damaged corners
Icon Box 3
Burnished gold frame after re-joining and restoration
Restored Icon Box 4
Icon placed back into restored frame and box
Bronze Powder Frame 1
Detail of damaged frame for "Market of Carpets" by Mary Franklin, Georgia Museum of Art
Bronze Powder Frame 2
Detail of restored area
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